August 6, 2014

Illustration by Alex Riegert-Waters   Website | Dribbble | Tumblr

Actually, there are a few firsts.

This first shot, a crack at the big bang, came out in the way it always has for me. More like a persistent nudging towards the culmination of fleeting emotions and modest disclosures, that can always be repeated at the touch of the play button.

Mixtapes have never felt to me to be about a single, life-changing event, but maybe the sum total of those ephemeral euphonies that serves as a window into the soul of the person who gave you the mix and what they mean to say to you. The story versus the tale. Consider this then, a series of tales that you may choose to envelope into your own reality, or maybe you will just appreciate the fountain from which it springs. Whatever floats your boat man.

This here though, in this form, from this architect, lives as a first. But it had a past life in the relay of tapes. I didn’t think it would take me this long to get here, but I guess I needed more time than most. Like slow pulses of an irregular variable star, ideas came far and few and poorly defined. Eventually the sum experience of living some 12,000km from home and the inspiration of extremely talented people in my life galvanised those pulses into what we have now.

For those who know me, you’ll come to see that this is not quite brand new start, rather a continuation. “Ain’t no lover than the one I got” easily becomes a mantra for doing it again. That’s not to say I’m not just as excited as I’ve ever been. Maybe even more. Seeing this come to life is as invigorating as being free at dawn.

For those of you who’ve yet to know me, I’m delighted you’re here and to finally be able to share this epistle with you. I’m making time in the hope that that we can all engage in these collective moments of sorrow and joy, anger and heartbreak together.

The other first is the one I’m most thrilled with. The Illustrated Mixtape would not exist without the collaborative efforts of truly inventive and thoughtful creatives, some of whom I am so lucky to call my friends, to bring you music to look at and pictures to listen to. None more so that the superstar who created this first cover whose enthusiasm, generosity and vision was truly the catalyst for this big bang.


  1. Superhumanoids – Hey Big Bang
  2. Soft Pipes – You Heard Me Calling
  3. Camera Obscura – Do It Again
  4. Little Joy – Brand New Start
  5. The Go Find – New Year
  6. Fredrik – Inventress of Ill
  7. Glasser – New Year
  8. Lali Puna – Our Inventions
  9. Small Black – Free At Dawn
  10. Asobi Seksu – Coming Up
  11. Son Lux – Rising
  12. Dark Dark Dark – Make Time
  13. Headlights – Hi-Ya!

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Artist Bio

  • Alex is an incredible designer & illustrator currently working for Disney in Los Angeles. His love of art is truly infectious and it’s the reason why ILMX looks the way it does.
  • According to Alex, his interests include drawing, breakfast cereal regardless of what time it is, colour, and growing and maintaining a beard.
  • According to me, his virtues include an ability to humour endless demands and genuine humility for someone so destined for the greatest heights of success.

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