ILMX002 Departure Initiation Return

Illustration by Alex Riegert-Waters   Website | Dribbble | Tumblr

Let’s call this an ILMX appropriation of Joseph Campbell’s journey of a hero for part 2 of our introduction. In which, even so early in our new found friendship, I invite you to take my hand and let’s see where we could go (oh sure, I move fast, but why waste time when life is short and youth is precious?).

We are all everyday heroes in ways large and small, seen and unseen and maybe this could be the soundtrack to your next journey.

Beyond the dunes, behind the drift, beneath the branches, by the water in this enchanting playground, I am waiting for you to come dance with me.

If you look inside yourself, you’ll know that there is nothing really from stopping you. I can wait for all time if I must køb generisk cialis.

Pause if you like but don’t waver. Tempting as it is to go back when all seems lost, don’t you just want to see what’s around the bend?

In time, you will be captivated just as I am, and those million voices and doubts will become white noise and fade into nothingness.

When that happens, you’ll be ready to cross that threshold. Deep in the belly of the whale, you will find freedom to go where you want. And I’ll be there right by your side.

Thrills on the path to love and light may be fraught with danger and sorrow. But you will find through the road of trials that the joys will outweigh the tribulations and you will come out a better you.

With all the knowledge and experiences that have come before you, you are now a master of two worlds. Destination recognition. Home is as intimate as it always was, only now it is unburdened by the limits of imagination.

Shall we dance?


  1. Saturday Looks Good To Me – Meet Me By The Water
  2. Chromatics – At Your Door
  3. Eliot Lipp – See What It’s About
  4. Vietnam – Step On Inside
  5. Deleted Scenes – You Get to Say Whatever You Want
  6. Washed Out – New Theory
  7. Brett – Inside
  8. Fischerspooner – Emerge
  9. Chromeo – Come Alive (feat. Toro Y Moi)
  10. Beach Fossils – Taking Off
  11. Yppah – The Subtleties That Count
  12. Le Tigre – Eau D’Bedroom Dancing
  13. Built To Spill – Velvet Waltz

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Artist Bio

  • Alex is a designer & illustrator currently working for Disney in Los Angeles. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was made head of all creative eventually, he’s that good.
  • His interests include drawing, investing in super-sweet sneakers, pun-related humour, making up limericks before you can even say no, running marathons, and playing the ukelele rather well.
  • If you visit his website, you’ll see a picture of him dressed as a snazzy carrot.


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