October 22, 2014

Illustration by Jeremy Norton   Website

In my darkest retreat
you are my light where there is none
pulsing magnetic fields
to piece me back to whole

Our greatest fears and sorrows
retreat into the shadows
burnished by a luminance that sings
be bold! be brave! be true!

My dear darling phosphene,
I see you when you can’t yourself
without whom, the beam that guides my path
would surely disappear from sight

I’ve come to restore your light,
to hold your hand and bring you back
dangers we two might face
far less daunting as one


  1. Jon Hopkins – Light Through the Veins
  2. Talkdemonic – Leaving Light
  3. Holy Fuck – Stay Lit
  4. Nosaj Thing – Light #2
  5. Forest Swords – The Light
  6. Soft Circle – Light Bright
  7. Weeknight – Dark Light
  8. Houses – Big Light
  9. Laura Gibson – Shadows On Parade
  10. Jamie Lidell – You See My Light
  11. Taylor McFerrin – Degrees Of Light
  12. Sun Glitters – Scattered into Light
  13. Bowerbirds – Overcome with Light

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Artist Bio

  • Jeremy Norton is a British fine artist and illustrator based in Barcelona.
  • His work reflects his experience of being a child growing up, and portraying that sense of wonder in the world.
  • The mediterranean light suffuses his pictures. Colour and light are especially prominent in his work since moving to Spain which was the impetus for me to create this mix for Jeremy.

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