ILMX010 Domo Arigato, Mr Roboto

Illustration by Alex Riegert-Waters   Website | Instagram | Dribbble

Eyes opened as a row of lights ran up and down in time with the steady hum of a mechanical heart. The wind skipped its way up stiff limbs and buckled joints. With every gust, components bouyed themselves with energy and begun to sing in sweet harmony.

*Blink blink*

Almost floating, he stepped out into the breezy sunshine and faced an onslaught of chattering tourists in matching shirts and cameras slung around necks.

A quick scan of his surroundings showed no signs of anybody that looked like him, except for maybe the tall three-eyed figures on the corners who kept slow-winking at anyone who bothered to stop and take notice.

A brief wave of awkwardness and confusion was distracted by the colour and liveliness of the scene before him. It was a beautiful day with the golden hour fast approaching and despite not having a like-bodied buddy by his side, it was no matter. There was so much to see and touch and hear and smell. He figured he could just recount his tales later, at the touch of a play button.

Oddly no one questioned or objected to this foreign rusty figure joining their groups. They just welcomed him with open arms, and more often that not, open wallets too. It was useful to have an even number for the arcade dance offs, or for their new friend to provide adequate lighting for group photos. He was even invited by an entire bar of inebriated patrons to rousing choruses of pop chart hits. Somehow in the back of his collective memory, he knew all the lyrics to ‘Take On Me’.

Eventually the festivities of the night wound down and the groups peeled off in different directions, all flailing their arms at him as they turned and walked away. He retreated back to the dusty office from where he had stepped out, mere hours ago. Familiar and yet miserably quiet, he plugged in for the night. He wasn’t sure what tomorrow would bring, but he couldn’t wait to find out.


  1. Console – 14 Zero Zero
  2. Hot Chip – Bendable Poseable
  3. Kraftwerk – The Robots
  4. Plaid – Eye Robot
  5. Edit – Dex
  6. The Go! Team – The Power Is On
  7. Free The Robots – Listen To The Future
  8. Lindstrom – Vos-Sako-Rv
  9. Lali Puna – Micronomic
  10. Vacationer – Onward & Upward
  11. Qua – Ritmo Giallo
  12. Fujiya & Miyagi – Electro Karaoke
  13. Paul White – Synthia Dreams

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Artist Bio

  • Alex is a designer & illustrator currently working for Disney in LA. He is part of an elite team creating art that transcends product and promotion and extend into world of true works of beauty. It’s a genuine thrill to see how these creative gurus manifest their incredible talents every day.
  • Whilst Alex’s dedication and passion for his craft is so infectious that it continues to shape Illustrated Mixtape, the same can’t be said for his love of breakfast radio sound effects and Simpsons-inspired fake-Australian words. It will forever confound me.
  • Check out his Instagram where you’ll get to see some of the amazing work he’s done professionally and personally (often for people who ask, he’s very generous with his talents like that)

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