ILMX011 Happy New Year

Illustration by Igor Gnedo   Website | Instagram | Carbonmade

This time next year things will different, I promise.
I will be much in a better place… I think.
I mean you can’t ever guarantee that it’s going to be all peaches and roses can you?
I tried to do that these past 12 months and look where that got me.
Public failures and disappointment from unrealistic expectations
Bitter resentment and grudges for reasons I can barely remember.
Unfulfilled potential and dreams shattered.
I know you told me never to expect that it would fall into my lap easily, but come on.
World, gimme a break here.

It’s all gonna change tomorrow.
No, tonight at midnight even.
I will come find you, lay the biggest one on you and make you never regret loving me.
We’ll watch the fireworks together on TV, we’ll coo at the Bridge’s big reveal, we’ll listen to the neighbour’s dogs howl and whimper at the ruckus.
We’ll look into each others eyes and share tender moments, we’ll hug, maybe even grope a little, and hope for the best come January 1.

But until then, just let me have this one.
Don’t judge me for wanting to sit here on this couch.
I just want to drink my beer alone and commemorate how much this year sucked.
I want one good cry, one last scream and say goodbye to my friend misery whose company I won’t be sad to see the back of.
But misery, man, she needs to be let down gently.
She can be mad as a cut snake, and I really truly don’t want her to come back next year and bite me in the arse.
So I’m gonna sit here in the dark, eat my chips, remember all the shitty things she put me through, and say to her quietly, not this year mate, not this year.


  1. The Breeders – New Year Asobi
  2. Seksu – New Years
  3. Broadcast – Long Was The Year
  4. Generationals – Extra Free Year
  5. Camera Obscura – New Year’s Resolution
  6. Beach House – New Year
  7. Moderat – This Time
  8. High Places – Year Off
  9. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – New Year’s Kiss
  10. Saturday Looks Good To Me – This Time Every Year
  11. The Apples In Stereo – Next Year At About The Same Time
  12. Hockey Night – This Peaceful Year
  13. Aden – Left Off Here

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Artist Bio

  • Igor Gnedo is a Brooklyn, NY based illustrator originally from Russia. Since graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology in 2013, he has been working as a freelance graphic designer, digital artist, and illustrator.
  • His current work explores mixed medias, using bold shapes and a style that is graphic, flat, and employs the use of negative space.
  • The greatest influences on his work include German Expressionism, Russian Avant Garde, and the Vienna Secession movement.

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