ILMX012 The Runaway

Illustration by FRENEMY (Kris Kotcher)   Website | Instagram | Facebook

You should join me on a walkabout next time
When asked what that meant, he said
It’s a spiritual healing for times when you need it most
Our souls aren’t meant to keep this pace up
Modern convenience makes way for modern turmoil
So I return to the well-worn traditions of kinsmen before me
To trace their paths across the sky and set course for my own songline

Oh how it sounds so fascinating!
I saw him running and I wanted to run too
Becoming the long cast of shadow that slips silently out
Reassured that it’s okay to run away sometimes
Run for the pleasure, run for the high, run to seek solace
You’ll feel alright and answers will come
to questions you didn’t even think to articulate

My dear, be warned though, they said
Don’t be led astray by the charm of this highwayman
He won’t even have to ask you to stand and deliver before he steals you away
This running, it’ll only get you nowhere fast.
What do you run from? What he strives for, we thought you’d never need
But if you want to go, here we will be, in this very same spot
Waiting for you to come back to the life that loves you most

There is too much in this world I yearn to fill my heart with
If I stay, a part of me will slowly fade into silence and noise
I want to go somewhere nice, many times over
This man is not a ranger, not asking me to follow him
But a relay to join as we ask ourselves, what do we want to see?
Fly from east to west and name my own trees and animal
and to sing my own world into existence.


  1. Atlas Sound – Walkabout (w/Noah Lennox)
  2. Balmorhea – Clamor
  3. Mice Parade – Passing & Galloping
  4. Youth Lagoon – Cannons
  5. Young Liars – Runaway
  6. Little Daylight – Runaround
  7. Brett – Golden Dale
  8. Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Run
  9. The Go Find – We Run
  10. Robots Don’t Sleep – Run
  11. The Notwist – Run Run Run
  12. Bad Thoughts – Let’s Go
  13. Mogwai – Take Me Somewhere Nice

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Artist Bio

  • FRENEMY aka Kris Kotcher is a freelance illustrator from Austin, Texas currently living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. His work is highly influenced by the children’s books and cartoons he loved as a child. He also grabs inspiration from graffiti, street art and skateboarding. Besides being an apt description for the love or hate that his art may evoke, Frenemies also point to the quirky characters created by Kris’ vivid imagination.
  • A self taught artist, Kris works both digitally and with traditional mediums of watercolour, gouache, and ink. He is constantly drawing, creating, and imagining, and based on what he shares on Instagram, seems to be involved in a million and one projects at any given time, from creating civic murals to working on comics in his studio.
  • PS. The dimensions of this mixtape cover were a happy accident. Making mixed tapes was such a huge part of his youth that this portrait orientation came naturally to Kris, and I wanted to keep it that way to honour his own experiences with mixtapes. “Exchanging them with friends, making them for girls I liked, I learned about so many bands that way. I was a punk rock kid and I had a really good friend who was into indie and we would exchange tapes all the time. Got me into a lot of great music.” It’s exactly how I feel about mixes so I couldn’t change a thing!

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