February 2, 2015

Illustration by Carolina Buzio   Website | Instagram | Facebook

Lured by the romance of travel
I left behind a colourless past
For an accidental promise of a saturated future

Buying into the life peripatetic
We rode the rails
Chased by contrails
Warmed by the haze of highway mirages

Walks sometimes broke into trots
Even into tearing sprints
Embracing this unencumbered impulse into the night

Weaving our way overland
I hitched my humble wagon to his
Home and chariot at once
Keeping me still as I saw upon a point of light ahead

But the months turned grey
As he denied the spirit of his words
And the courage once liberated grew heavy

As he said, this was always your choice
I extended my hand, and you ran with it
My love for what is won’t change
And you need to be here for what is to you

He was in fact the excuse I needed
Sobered by this painful correction
The corner I thought I had once turned
Revealed only more unknowingness

Now out the window my gaze falls
Sweeping the landscape as fast as the wheels skate the tracks
Hurriedly capturing the fleeting vibrant hues of the wandering life


  1. Neutral Milk Hotel – In The Aeroplane Over the Sea
  2. The Magnetic Fields – Born On A Train
  3. Memoryhouse – Walk With Me
  4. Plone – On My Bus
  5. Efterklang – Caravan
  6. Baths – You’re My Excuse To Travel
  7. Sun Glitters – When the Train Comes
  8. Eric Chenaux – Love Don’t Change
  9. The Notwist – Pilot
  10. The Paradise Motel – Aeroplanes
  11. Tycho – A Walk
  12. Yumi Zouma – A Long Walk Home For Parted Lovers (Wild Nothing Remix)

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Artist Bio

  • Carolina Buzio is a freelance illustrator and animator with roots in Porto, feet currently in Berlin and a little bit of her heart in Budapest, where she studied animation. She’s also a character lover, addicted to cinnamon and can’t help but see faces in objects and places everywhere.
  • It’s with this empathetic quality that Carolina imparts into her work, making it so warm and full of love and spirit that drew me to her illustrations. Even at its most simplistic and stylized, there is a gentle and inviting grace, that I imagine is not unlike the charm of Carolina herself.
  • There are many places where you can get to know Carolina better. Her blog where she posts randolm sketches often, her Etsy shop where she has prints and objects on offer, her Pinterest boards where collects other pieces that inspire her or Instagram for a glimpse into her life.

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