ILMX014 All Roads Lead To Home

Illustration by Chris Newberg   Website

This door I thought had closed for good
Beating a hasty exit from my personal Dodge City
Tense is past, future is bright, of skies and long trails
I leave here nothing but the boredoms of youth
For a life on the road with “the one who”

Two souls in search of a home away from home
A mirage on the road, ought a blessing in disguise
Chasing the wondrous bend of lights on the pitch
For romance of the prism and tarmac shimmer
But not seeing is a flower that withered away

Only to find salad days were still ahead
The green of judgement and cold of blood blisters
Surfacing with force from cabin pressure and stale air
Neither a merry companion to each
Burdened by the impatience of the chase

The comforts I sought but could not find
In some way leads me back to this point here
Where you stand with tenderness wide
Hearth warmed heart and eyes forgiving
And with my hands, we melt in delight


  1. Glasser – Home
  2. Tanlines – Real Life
  3. Mice Parade – The Last Ten Homes
  4. Gang Gang Dance – House Jam
  5. Wild Belle – Happy Home
  6. Röyksopp – Coming Home
  7. Mndsgn – Homewards
  8. Arthur Russell – Home Away From Home
  9. Midaircondo – Bringing Me Home
  10. Tycho – From Home
  11. Dan Croll – Home
  12. DIIV – Home
  13. Jim-E Stack – Somewheres
  14. Explosions in the Sky & David Wingo – The Lines On the Road That Lead You Back Home

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Artist Bio

Chris Newberg is an incredibly gifted illustrator, painter, musician and all-round nice guy based in Tucson, Arizona.

Currently finishing off his Masters in Fine Arts, as well as teaching part-time, Chris has an amazing talent for illustrating from scratch in ballpoint with colouring done digitally, which lends itself to a wonderful blend of graphic sharpness and organic fluidity.

In addition, his explorations of graffiti and street art to his classic training gives his work a tonal contemporary feel that we see here.

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