ILMX015 Spirit Animal

Illustration by Alex Riegert-Waters   Website | Instagram | Dribbble

Make not this the Year of the Wooden Sheep
Of moods and weak-wills
Passive indecision, that which leads to pessimism
For stand I, as the mighty ram

More than who we are destined to be
At our best in the abundance of spirits
Letting go of what holds us back
Inviting all worlds into our path

Amidst the merry cacophany of this New Year’s dance
Curiousity betrays my calm front
Like a cat on a laser beam
Pawing at the fortune meant for others

Blessed under the wealth star
The emotions of my Horse will run wild
Passionate in the face of blue ruin
Pushing forward in the trials of errors

The Tail of the Leopard star burns bright on the horizon
Upon which missteps awaken the fiercest ferocity
Tempers flare, horns rise impulsively
The vicious roar of a provoked Tiger

Too much good favour I must not have
But for the balance of luck the reins will tighten
Patience is required, and patience will be tested
But this quiet living should see me through the yea indigenerics.comr


  1. Qua – The Lion’s Flying Dream
  2. Lymbyc Systym – Dragon Year
  3. Slow Magic – Toddler Tiger
  4. Jonnie Common – Shark
  5. Clams Casino – Gorilla
  6. Ratatat – Wildcat
  7. The Budos Band – Monkey See, Monkey Do
  8. Wax Tailor – Dragon Chasers (feat Charlotte Savary)
  9. Erotic Market – Snakes
  10. Tussle – Cat Pirate
  11. The Bug – Black Wasp
  12. High Places – She’s a Wild Horse
  13. The Griswolds – Beware the Dog

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Artist Bio

  • Alex is a designer & illustrator currently working for Disney in LA. Though one of the youngest and most recent additions to the creative team, he’s fast made a name for himself as one of their top design talents. But of course, you guys knew that already.
  • Recently Alex has also become my go-to Adobe Creative Suite guru/support technician. As someone not trained in these fine programs, the need for personal, on-call guidance is often, and Alex is very generous with his time and patience.
  • Check out his Instagram where you’ll get to see his recent work which floors me everytime. Those Big Hero 6 posters are jaw-droppingly good.

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