ILMX016 Late One Night

Illustration by Nancy Liang   Website | Tumblr | Instagram

In the small hours of the night, I sat amongst a group of new friends. Cramped in the apartment of a mutual acquaintance who lived above a corner grocery store in Glebe, we listened to a freewheeling rotating collection of vinyl records well into dawn. Classics (for my contemporaries) running on from each other, fuelling repartee that shifted effortlessly from musical philosophies to personal histories to the historical significance of internet cats.

But really it didn’t matter what we were saying. It was that it was being said with like-minded souls who had met only hours earlier and in this moment bonded by the pull of the dark. Revealing parts of themselves was merely one’s entry point into the pitter patter rhythm of dialogue.

​​Sunlight slowly replaced the coral glow of little lanterns strung around the living room. The lantern dance on the four walls slowed down to make way for a hazy beam that broke through the green wattle tree outside signaling the dawn of Sunday. A lazy inertia kept the conversation to a whisper, none daring to let it stop completely. For, this one night, we did not want it to end.


  1. Art Of Fighting – Something New
  2. Talk Talk – Eden
  3. Geographer – Night Winds
  4. Chromatics – Let’s Make This A Moment To Remember
  5. Tennis – Night Vision
  6. Hot Chip – Made In The Dark
  7. Kim Hiorthøy – Beats Mistake
  8. Ochre – Blue Hours
  9. Pit Er Pat – My Darkers
  10. Shlohmo – Parties
  11. Nite Jewel – In The Dark
  12. Houses – Tenderly
  13. Single Twin – Goodnight

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Artist Bio

  • Nancy is an illustrator from my hometown of Sydney, Australia who often explores social and cultural narratives in an metaphoric and emotive way. With an interest in dioramas, her illustrations take shape through the collage of graphite, paper textures and other miscellaneous materials.
  • She manages to capture the whimsical beating heart that underpins Sydney at night, which is why this mix was made for her so perfectly to fit her delightful and somewhat haunting illustrations.
  • You can find her most active making GIFs and I’m so proud to have her create the first animated mixtape cover for the site. Besides her excellent Tumblr, you can also check out Nancy on your other preferred platforms like Behance, Instagram & The Loop.

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