ILMX019 Heart of Glass

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Whomp whomp whompidy domp. Whomp whomp whompidy domp.

I hear my slightly syncopated heart on the loud speakers. Like some aimless wonky bassline that lurches from side to side, I’m enthralled by the sound my own body makes.

As I sit on the exam bench in the cardiologist’s office, my legs sway from side to side awkwardly to catch the beat. But I jerk to a stop when the doctor comes back in the room.

He smiles. Pulling off the electrode patches from my front and back, I look down at the 10 inch scar that runs right down the middle of my chest.

It’s been itchy, red and swollen a lot lately, as is the muscle inside wants to burst out of the seams and say “surprise!”. I’ve taken it as a sign of something greater – maybe my heart feels caged in and wants to explore the big wide world. All signs point to yes. If I stay still, I fear that it may just turn to glass.

“You have trivial mid-systolic murmurs but your heart is crisp and your scar is normal, if a little irritated. We won’t require further investigation into the arrhythmia. If there’s anything more, you’ll need to come back in 6 months.”

With that, I spring off the bench, forgetting momentarily that I’m in still only wrapped in the flimsy hospital gown. No ooops to say as my butt wiggles out for a peek. So nothing is wrong, but why do I still feel so bad?

I dwell on it mere moments and before I have even left the room, my mind is made up. Do not take it lightly, I tell myself. The heart is good and strong, respect this offbeat rhythm and do not let it come to glass.


  1. Hydroplane – Cry My Heart
  2. MMOTHS – Heart (feat. Keep Shelly In Athens)
  3. I Am Robot And Proud – A List Of Things That Quicken The Heart
  4. Robots Don’t Sleep – Run
  5. The One AM Radio – Ticking Heart
  6. Silver Columns – Heart Murmurs
  7. Javelin – Shadow Heart
  8. Stumbleine – Heart Shaped Locket
  9. Flight Facilities feat. Owl Eyes – Heart Attack
  10. Holy Fuck – The Pulse
  11. Asonat – Hearts In Trouble
  12. Adult Jazz – Spook

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Artist Bio

  • From Agen, France, Cubi is an illustrator, comic artist and a self described indoor street artist, often working with mixed media to create distinctly idiosyncratic collages and whimsical visual morsels.
  • Since he was a kid, Cubi has drawn everywhere, all the time and on anything. So after art school and some redecorating of his dear French Riviera’s walls, his graffiti experience and his passion for comics lead him to experiment with new techniques and materials, pushing him to reinvent his drawings.
  • Merging those experiences, grounded in street-art and canvas, paper and digital, propelled him to work on more raw, less precious props like cardboard and others that he recycles.
  • His universe is colourful and often absurd, populated with humorous characters, sometimes bordering on the schizophrenic. Cubi likes wine, otters, romantic bike getaways armed with Posca and suffers from a deep addiction to pretzels. Say hi to him on Tumblr, Instagram, Behance, Facebook and/or Twitter.

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