ILMX020 The Standard Notation for Isotopes

Illustration by Alex Riegert-Waters   Website | Instagram | Patch Store

Though cut from the same cloth, they remained remarkably different from each other in ways neither were even aware of, let alone could explain. For these two physicists who worked side by side, decoding the most complex stories in the universe, there was a fine art to the science they had dedicated their lives to. Sometimes it came at great personal expense.

From high school all the way through college and then into their flourishing careers, they were the closest of partners and the fiercest of competitors. Vying for the same accolades and awards, it dawned on them early on, much to their benefit, to mimic the covalent bonds they studied. Knowing well enough that their single atoms might not achieve the heights of their combined energy, they accelerated their particles in a way no teacher had ever seen before.

The more knowledge they absorbed, the more magnetic the force of attraction became. Passion fuelled their work in the day, and love affair at night. Occasionally philosophies would smash into one another, but the cooler head would always prevail and logic and reason would replace the instability of their atomic energy.

As much as one would occasionally try to exert considerable force of willpower and theory over enough, at the end of the day, they always returned to the same page.


  1. Free The Robots – Sci-Fidelity
  2. Mountains In The Sky – Electrolyte
  3. Zoot Woman – Chemistry
  4. Cleptoclectics – Particle Bounce
  5. Drop Electric – Higgs Boson
  6. Black Milk – Higgs Boson
  7. Styrofoam – Microscope (feat. Blake Hazard)
  8. Choir Of Young Believers – Action/Reaction
  9. Asa & Stumbleine – Vapour
  10. Thee More Shallows – Freshman Thesis
  11. Nosaj Thing – Phase III
  12. Kelpe – Microscope Contents
  13. Harmonic 313 – Cyclotron

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Artist Bio

  • Alex is a designer & illustrator for Disney Consumer Products. His imagination and talent leaves him in high demand for special projects that extend far beyond the ordinary course of business.
  • In other news, his latest artistic endeavour (I’m fairly certain he doesn’t actually sleep anymore) is the creation of this amazing series of patches. Everyone now has to raise their patch game just to keep up.
  • His “Adventure Club” patches are so awesome in fact, that they were on sale at one point, and promptly sold out within a week. So, I’m sorry you miss out this time. By stay tuned to his Instagram or directly to his store, Rad Stuff by Alex, to see what new patches are in the works. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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