ILMX021 A Love Like New

Illustration by Andrew Kolb   Website | Facebook | Instagram

Thinking of only you
Makes distraction to anyone listening
Eyes wide, fever dream
Every night we’ve a new thrill to capture

Flickering candles burning bright
Flames waving high when you’re near
Staggering only as we inhale
From the breathlessness of a love like new

Even now the day drags its feet
Slowed between our ways
When it feels like no time spent at all

I won’t be long away
But to us both
It will feel an age
Before we can pick up where we left off

This floating bubble when your hand lands on mine
Iridescent as you are
Joined from two, we share ourselves
Left with a reflection of us in the sun

And while I’m gone
This spectrum of colours will stay with me
A vivid promise of days to come
And a story we’ve yet to tell levitra générique prix inde.


  1. Spazzkid – Getting to Know You
  2. Kishi Bashi – It All Began with a Burst
  3. Metronomy – My Heart Rate Rapid
  4. Architecture In Helsinki – Contact High
  5. Crystal Castles – Courtship Dating
  6. Zoot Woman – Coming Up for Air
  7. Stumbleine – The Beat My Heart Skips (ft Coma)
  8. Caribou – She’s The One
  9. The Go! Team – Ready to Go Steady
  10. Robots Don’t Sleep – Satellite Falls
  11. Kele – Coasting
  12. FKA twigs – Closer

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Artist Bio

  • Andrew Kolb is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Ontario, Canada. Besides working with clients and being featured in many galleries and exhibits, Andrew also shares his design experience and wisdom with young bright hopefuls as an instructor at Conestoga College.
  • Despite his humbly modest bio on the site, Andrew’s accomplishments as a delightful and charming digital artist now also extends to being a celebrated author, with his first picture book! Edmund Unravels is a sweet yarn about the sweetest yarn who yearns to explore and travel. It can be found where all good books are sold.
  • Music and art interact in exciting ways with Andrew’s work, whether it’s his Pet Sounds tribute for a 33.3 exhibit, or bonding with me over shared musical tastes so it was no surprise when I read that his book deal came in part after he reimagined David Bowie’s Space Odyssey as an online kids book and it became a viral hit. Follow him on Fb, Ig, Tw, Tb, Pn or Dbbb!

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