ILMX025 Bare Bones

Illustration by Michael C. Hsiung   Website | Instagram | Facebook

Together we sit by the shallow pools, a spent mess of blood and bones, heavier still with the dense grey of summer gloom. We wait for tides to come wash our weary bodies in the deadened brine of our past lives and loves. Landed as we might though arrive, the buoyancy of these healing waters cannot quench what thirsts brought us here.

We find ourselves no more joyous than before, if anything burdened more so with what we say to ourselves. Battered by the foamy wash, bruised by broken promises and finally, broken down by lies we continue to tell, nothing is left of the bodies corporeal.

But on these here rocky shores, the pull of the seas insists on connection. Undressed and unencumbered by our soon-to-be ancient somatic history, our bones submerge beneath the watery curlicues, into the placid shadows where sorrows and doubt tempt no more.

Led by primordial elders who’ve long since shed their sins and suffering, we slip along the currents into cooler waters still, and find the expanse we need at least to lay our bare bones to rest.


  1. Röyksopp – Skulls
  2. Mount Kimbie – Blood And Form
  3. WIFE – Bodies
  4. Adult Jazz – Bonedigger
  5. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Skeletons
  6. Alexis Taylor – Lazy Bones
  7. Mia Doi Todd – Muscle, Bone and Blood
  8. Seekae – Hands
  9. Crystal Castles – Pale Flesh
  10. Mux Mool – Skulltaste
  11. Blackbird Blackbird – Feel It In My Bones
  12. Fujiya & Miyagi – Collarbone
  13. Tiny Victories – Mr. Bones

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Artist Bio

  • Michael C. Hsiung is an illustrator and artist based in LA. His work has graced the likes of snowboards, department store displays in Shinjuku, an exhibition at the Chinese American Museum and skate events all over
  • Most of Michael’s illustrations are themed around these cute but tough-looking mustachioed mermen. Men of the sea and whatnot. I’m pretty sure this is what Michael would look like if he was a merman himself. See for yourself on his Ig or Fb.
  • Inpired by his mermen characters, I made this mixtape with the idea of men by the sea burdened by a lifetime of mistakes but somehow setting themselves free from spirit and body when they submerge underwater. Happy times!

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