ILMX021 A Love Like New

Thinking of only you
Makes distraction to anyone listening
Eyes wide, fever dream
Every night we’ve a new thrill to capture

Flickering candles burning bright
Flames waving high when you’re near
Staggering only as we inhale
From the breathlessness of a love like new

Even now the day drags its feet
Slowed between our ways
When it feels like no time spent at all

I won’t be long away
But to us both
It will feel an age
Before we can pick up where we left off

This floating bubble when your hand lands on mine
Iridescent as you are
Joined from two, we share ourselves
Left with a reflection of us in the sun

And while I’m gone
This spectrum of colours will stay with me
A vivid promise of days to come
And a story we’ve yet to tell.