ILMX022 Our Band Could Be Your Life

This mixtape is dedicated to all my musician friends, those of you who have ever played a show in my old backyard, recorded a song for me, waited patiently in the car with me while I got a speeding ticket coming back from your interstate shows or crashed on my floor for the night.

I felt for you when you told me about the time you were double-booked at that shitty student venue in the middle of nowhere, when your touring van got broken into and all your precious gear was stolen or when the local promoter tried to stiff you on the support slot you just did.

I’m sure you’d rather I forget about those shows you played where everything seemed to go wrong, snapped strings, broken amps, band tensions, forgotten lyrics and no one but your girlfriend and your best friend turned up to see you play. But I’m also glad I’ve been able to rejoice and celebrate with you when you had that awesome album launch, opened for your long-time heroes or even when you just managed to try out that new jam for the first time and it sound grrrreat.

I get mad for you when you recount the jerks who talked loudly through your set, or the hipster critic who dismissed your work with a lazy jingoism and the record label who shafted you with dodgy accounting and broken promises. But I remember the thrill of hearing your song on the radio for the first time, seeing your record featured as “album of the week” and watching you from the front row of a sold out show.

Then there were those moments of self-doubt and depression, when you’ve questioned all your choices up until this point in your life, comparing your seeming lack of success to some young punk nearly half your age who may know less chords but is certainly much more social media savvy than you’d ever care to be, or how you might even stack up against old school friends who went straight from college to job to marriage to house in one scarily fast ascent and maybe I’ve been there for you as you’ve come to the sad realization that not everyone can do this for a living and that you will eventually have to get a day job and relegate your music playing to an after hours gig.

I just hope, despite it all, you never stop doing what you do, even if it can only be on the weekend and on the side. Because you’re fabulous, and it’s my absolute privilege to know you and the music that you’ve given to the world.